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Gamespot | Mortal Kombat Exclusive Scorpion Gameplay Trailer Source Advertisements

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Xbox LIVE price increases tomorrow

Just a reminder that the price of Xbox LIVE Gold membership will officially increase tomorrow, November 1st, so today is your last chance to renew at the old pricing. Before you go out trick-or-treating, save yourself a few bucks and … Continue reading

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PSP 2 with HD 1080p Ortustech display ?

The PSP 2 could have an HD 1080p High Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels, produced by Japanese Ortustech.  Indeed, the latter has just announced it is ready to launch soon the first 4.8-inch 1080p HD screen, and the second strong … Continue reading

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Zelda: OoT, Nintendogs Apparently Part of 3DS Launch Line-Up

Steel Diver and PilotWings Resort are also possibly set for the 3DS’s launch. Following Nintendo’s financial results meeting with investors yesterday, they also quietly released a launch schedule of internally developed games for the Nintendo 3DS…and it looks like it’s … Continue reading

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Kinect Preorders On Amazon Jump To $250

How much would you pay to get your hands on Microsoft’s Kinect motion sensor on the day it becomes available? It turns out that Kinect may be selling well as the regular stock of the standalone Kinect appears to be … Continue reading

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Dynasty Warriors 7 Officially Confirmed for Xbox 360

Dynasty Warriors 7 is a game that’s frequently been taking headlines recently. Since it’s unveiling at the Tokyo Games Show in September Koei Tecmo Games had remained fairly tight-lipped about the game until a Japanese press conference last week, where … Continue reading

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No Wii Price Cut This Holiday

Satoru Iwata rules out lower price for this holiday. Nintendo has ruled out the possibility of a Wii console price cut this fall and instead will focus on special retailer deals or adding software or accessories to the package. When … Continue reading

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